Clockworkmod (CWM) on CM Burst S280

Clockworkmod enables access to your phones terminal emulator and granting access as superuser, as a superuser you can now have full access to your cherry mobile burst android phone, thus installing custom roms is unlocked, but before you do this your phone must be rooted first, so read this tutorial on how to root your CM Burst S280. After that lets proceed with the tutorail on how to access or enable clockworkmod on Cherry Mobile Burst or CM Burst.

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Clockworkmod (CWM)

Note: This mod might also apply for other android phones [Do at your own risk] 
Credits to Lava Xolo Developers

Step 1: Root your android CM Burst phone

Step 2: Download and save this file to your micro SD Card.

Step 3: Install Terminal Emulator using this Playstore link, don't worry it's free

Step 4: Open Terminal Emulator and grant Superuser Permission.

Step 5: After prompt type this code,
[Press Enter]
dd if=/sdcard/a28.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p16
[Press Enter]

Step 6: Congrats! you now have Clockworkmod enabled.

Step 7: You can now enter the recovery by turning off your phone, hold vol down+power button, release after the phone vibrates or power up.

Step 8: Now its time to flash roms [Download Roms here]

Alternatively you can watch this video tutorial

You can also join their FB fanpage here:

Once again thank you for reading, If you find the tutorial hard, just left questions at the comments, I will be glad to answer it.

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