How To Delete Cherry Market App

Cherry mobile phones are less expensive than buying a Samsung phone here in Philippines but still it can compete to this giant markets in terms of specs, but as much as possible we would like to make the software, look and feel, look like Samsung phones or rather Samsung Galaxy SIII, so to start with I will share a tutorial on how to remove that annoying cherry app market (somehow to some), but before we proceed you must first root your cherry mobile phone, after that lets proceed.

cherry market app removed

Removing Cherry Market App Logo


1. Cherry mobile phone (Must be android OS)

2. Must be rooted Note: Important!
3. Common sense.
4. Do at your own risk!

After successfully rooting your cherry mobile phone follow this steps:
Note: This guide does not only apply to Cherry Market App, but other pre-installed apps as well, pre-installed means the apps that are already there when you first bought it.
  • Download and install this from Googleplay app store ROOT BROWSER LITE
  • Open the app and then go to SYSTEM then APP
  • Long touch the chosen app then hit delete.
  • If Superuser ask for permission, just grant the permission.
  • Congrats! No more cherry market app.


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