ABS-CBN Is Going Mobile, A Telco Company?

abs-cbn mobile telco

ABS-CBN To Launch ABS-CBN Mobile on Second Half of 2013

You heard that right ABS-CBN is joining the telco war in the Philippines, according to an interview they will have a separate brand "ABS-CBN mobile", surely this is pure business but what can we expect from the largest TV network in the country? Of course, they have all kinds of media from radio, TV, live online streaming. Integrating this media to your mobile plus text and call services will surely encourage you to join this new telecommunication network.

ABS-CBN can't do this alone with out the help of some big player in this kind of market, so here goes Globe Telecommunication helping hand in hand with ABS-CBN, as the second largest telco company and having 30million subscriber this will surely tremble the opposing company SMART Communications.

ABS-CBN mobile services will include text, call, and data services. But wait there's more, according to them:

"When we launch ABS-CBN Mobile, we're looking at producing content that is not going to be available on the traditional platforms, like television. These content will be available exclusively via our mobile subscribers,"

Lets just hope, that this 3rd telecommunication network in the Philippines will keep their promises and their future promises, all we just want is to live without limits, technically speaking no bandwidth limit, no capping, no eating of load, fast support, better signal, and 1mbps should be 1mbps. :p

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