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This free text trick is not actually a trick, just a simple process of type and send, no special requirements, no load, and even no cell phone. All we need is just an internet connection and voila! This trick can be done using your PC, Smartphone, tablet, etc. In any browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Opera mobile browser. You can also use this trick on TM and Talk n Text carriers. To start the trick, more details after the jump.


  • Globe
  • TM
  • SUN
  • Talk n Text
  • Plus other networks, even abroad carrier will do.


  • Internet connection (even in 2G)
  • Any browser that is JavaScript/frame capable (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, mostly will do.)
  • Mobile Browser (e.g. Opera mobile, mostly default Android browser, Safari browser)
  • PC, Laptop, Netbook, SmartPhone (Basta browser enabled sya)

Send Free SMS Worldwide Without Charges

  • Please enter the recipient's mobile phone number and the desired message.
  • Please use only normal letters (alphabet) in the message.
  • Letters that are not normal will be automatically deleted.
  • Input recipient In International Format Without +, Example : 639073829920 , For PH
  • Recipients can not know your number / your name, so include your name in the message. Example "Gala Tayo" / " from julz "
Alternatively You can use to text locally below. Note: in Philippines Only!

Enjoy sending text messages abroad for free! this tool is best to our OFW's abroad.


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