Root Any Android Device Easy Way

Rooting a specific android device requires a specific methods, drivers, files, and all hassle and bustle codes and long step by step method but this time I'm going to share a universal rooting application, that most of the android smartphones will be rooted.

List of Android Device that can be rooted using this application: Compatibility

  • Root Samsung Galaxy S4 (All Ee locked and us simlocked are supported)
  • Root  Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Root  Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Root  Samsung galaxy Grand
  • Root  Samsung galaxy Spica
  • Samsung gt 551/t-red versions too (Vietnamese)

  • Root Samsung galaxy Note
  • Root Samsung galaxy Note 2
  • Root MID Generic tablets (all versions)
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Y All Models
  • Root Samsung Galaxy S Series
  • Root HTC (Only after S-off and Goldcard)
  • Root Sony Experia Z (The Rest not tested)( unlocked bootloader only)
  • Root Sony Experia J
  • Root Sony Experia L
  • Root KARBONN A5,A7,A7+
  • RootAll Micromax Android Models - Bootloader unlocked
  • Root Swipe Tablets and Phablet (X74, X74S, HALO)
  • Root Micromax bolt series - bootloader unlocked
Phone not listed above might be rooted just try it out! Like Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0, Myphone Phones, and other Android Phones.
Using the application signifies responsibility over your actions.

Root Any Android Device

  1. Compatible Android Device
  2. Windows PC
  3. USB Cable
  4. Patience and Basic Comprehension

First download these files: 
Rooting Application
Password: vashree41

Universal Drivers (Some Android device will install thier own drivers, just let them be.)


  1. Plug your phone via USB Cable
  2. Turn on your device. 
  3. Allow unsigned programs.
  4. Enable USB debugging and press any key.
  5. The rest are done automatically.

Some device may not be working with this application.
Rooting you android device will void your warranty.
All device drivers must be properly installed!
Check unknown sources and debugging.

Enjoy Rooting! 


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