Free SMART/TNT Load Trick 10php

SMART Philippines
Since we are all smart here at mobile31, lets do some easy tricks for 10 peso load on SMART/Talk n Text, by the way this is a legit tricks that means legit. Anyway lets share this free load from SMART to millions of  SMART/TALK N TEXT subscriber today.

SMART/Talk n Text (TNT) Free Load Trick

  • Any cell phone
  • At least 2.50php load (or 1php load)
  • Patience!

  • Text (txt) EF10 send to 2474
  • Wait for the confirmation message (it takes time though)
  • Text (txt) EF OFF send to 2474 (To unsubscribe from  the promo)
*note: Failure to unsubscribe from the promo will frequently eat your SMART load.

Kindly share your feedback, if its still working, so that I can update the codes.


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