Wifi Password Recovery On Android Phone

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Having a free Wifi for your android device is a great thing, but the question is how?
Today I'm going to share this easy trick on how to hack wifi password using your android mobile phones.

This trick is for educational use only, do at your own risk. Abuse of this tutorial will not be tolerated. Copying this tutorial without credits will be reported to DMCA.

This trick will work on almost all Android devices.

1. Rooted Phone (For root tutorial search our blog using search box above)
2. Root Browser or Other Browser
Note: This trick will only recover last saved password in your device, it doesn't really hack your neighbors wifi, one advantage of this tut is when you forgot your wifi password or you let someone input the password cause they don't want to tell you and thus recovering it and save the password for your own sake.

Recover/Hack Wifi Password Using Sniffing

1. Go to system root
/data/ misc/wifi/
2. You Will See a file named:
wpa_supplicant.co nf
Recover/Hack Wifi Password Using Sniffing

3. Copy It To Your SD Card/ External Memory Card
/data/ misc/wifi/ wpa_supplic ant.conf
copy to /sdcard

wifi password recovery
4. Now Long Press wpa_suppli cant.conf using
your explorer and Rename it to


5. Open wpa_supplicant.txt

6. Done, you will see now the password stored in your device.

SSID or Network Name is linksys
ssid="link sys"
priority=2 1

"mobile31" is the password. Enjoy Sniffing!

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