Media.Net Review And How To Increase RPM/CPM

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Media.Net A Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Network

Not all people have heard of, since this is not a quite new ad network lots of  bloggers make a review out of this, but none of them shared on how to increase CPM/RPM (Rate per thousand impression). So today, lets talk about and how to make lots of money by using this new spawned ad network.
What is is an Internet advertising company that uses complex superior and classification algorithms to identify and deliver the most contextually relevant ads for a web page. The company claims to have the most efficient system, which produces hybrid ads in real time.
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What is RPM?
RPM or CPM which stand for cost per 1000 impressions, which generally means what you earn for 1000 instances that the ad was served. Computation of in determining your RPM is really vague cause you'll only see RPM, impressions, and estimated revenue. Keep going cause I'm going to share how to increase your rate.

How to Get Approve on Media.Net
Based on personal experience, getting approve on is not as hard compared to Adsense. Its just a simple one way process like submitting your site and fill out personal information and website information, after that, viola! Ads start showing on your site.

Here are some important program guideline to get approved
  • Contain significant amount of original content that is updated regularly and does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights.
  • Contain content that is primarily in the English language
  • Have a reasonable volume of visitors already using the website

For more info about program guidelines visit this page:

Believe me, stick to those 3 and your good to go, as I've said they are not that strict. I got my blog approved even though most of my traffic are from Asia. Just take note, most of your traffic must come from Search Engines (Organic Traffic).

How To Increase RPM/CPM on Media.Net?
Most of us know that having US, Canada, UK traffic will dramatically increase your earnings, and yes that's a right approach, but how about for those publisher who doesn't have this kind of traffic like me? So, I listed a few ways on how to increase your CPM/RPM.

Ad Placement - Placing ads on contents body will increase CTR, thus increasing your CPM. Since ad click is also a factor in determining your RPM.

Number of Ads - It doesn't mean the more ads you have the higher rate you will get, I'm sorry to tell you your getting the opposite result. Limit the number of ads from 2 to 3, high performing ads yields high rpm/cpm. Rule of the thumb! Never put ads in unnoticeable area.

Increase top tier traffic - If your target users are not US, Canada, and UK, then your getting the wrong way, I didn't say to change the course of action in a sudden way, little by little target this traffic, and believe you'll get rich in no time.

Use only 2 to 3 ad networks - Tagging along Adsense and ad networks is the best teamwork to deal with, but using multiple ad network will surely clutter your ad space, hence lower CTR and maybe account suspension. So stay away from this.

As you can see my earnings is not that much, since I started just a few days ago. And removed the ads for two days because of low RPM, I got disappointed first, but then its not too late to correct my mistakes. Hope you find this post useful. Thanks!


  1. Its a very good and smart alternative option for adsense.

  2. Oh really nice tips.. thank you.. (h)

  3. I'm happy with media ad. I'm using their ad on my website


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