BlackBerry A10 Specs, Price and Availability in PH

Take a Peek, with the latest and newest BlackBerry smartphone of this year. 
The new BlackBerry A10

Look-a-like as BBZ10, the latest new BlackBerry A10 is finally revealed. This is said to be the newest smartphone of BlackBerry.

This BlackBerry A10 has the codenamed "ARISTO".

Features and Specs

This long-rumored BlackBerry A10 is said to be runned and operated by OS 10.2, with a Dual-Core Processor (it has separated processor for its graphics) and expecting display of 5-Inch Super AMOLED, 1280 x 720 resolution (a Full 1080p HD resolution).

It is also said (well the rumor, of course) that BlackBerry A10 has 2GB RAM, and 8MP camera, with  1.5GHz Quad-Core processor. Its full features is not yet sure but, as the rumor stated, expect good performance of this phone, especially  the power users or gamers.

Release Date and Price

The BlackBerry A10 is not yet officially announce. But as the rumors buzzing, it is said to be released or launch over the holiday season later this 2013. We well surely update you with its availability.

Watch This Video of BlackBerry A10


  1. I think it will be an amazing smartphone from blackberry. But as you have mentioned about the Quad-Core processor, i dont think that blackberry is gonna launch with it, rather there will be a Dual-Core processor in it. For detail specs and features you may see the link here-

  2. Leakage of the first images of BlackBerry A10 Super AMOLED screen 5" - See more at:


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