Upgrade/Flash CM Fusion Bolt To Ainol Venus Lite Firmware

Upgrade CM Fusion Bolt
You have that feeling that your CM FuBo is somewhat sluggish despite its Quad Core processor? Well you've come to the right place, because today, I'm going to share on how to upgrade Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt to Ainol Venus Lite Firmware.
Before we proceed with that TUT, let me remind you that "Upgrade at your own risk". I am not responsible for any damage caused by following this guide. Now if your brave enough to make FuBo faster, lets proceed.

Benefits of Upgrading CM Fusion Bolt

  • 1080p Video Decoding can be achieve.
  • Faster response rate.
  • 3D Games can now be playable without lag.
  • Higher FPS (frames per second).
  • More improvements.

Step by step guide on flashing/upgrading CM Fusion Bolt

  1. First download the latest firmware (4.2.2 0523) Link - http://d-h.st/zpp
  2. Then download Firmware Update Tool for all Ainol Actions tablet - Link http://d-h.st/KSi
  3. Shutdown Fusion bolt and then disconnect from PC.
  4. Hold key "volume +", then connect PC USB port and wait for few seconds.
  5. (Important!) PC will ask for unknown device drivers, select the path to folder "\Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool\Driver\" from "Firmware Update Tool" and let install them.
  6. Start the Firmware Update Tool and open the jellybean_atm7029_7_a_130328.fw file
  7. (Important!) Select all the three .img files (misc.img, rec.img, system.img) if you forget this files, CM Fusion Bolt will not boot anymore.
  8. Click DOWN button and wait until the upgrade is done to 100%.
  9. Disconnect from USB and let the Venus boot to start-up, it might take some time, just relax and drink some coffee.
  10. After booting, Congratulations! You've just freed your Fusion Bolt from those chains.
Watch Video Tutorial Here

Credits: vheryoness of symbianize, www.slatedroid.com, http://forums.zzkko.com

Be sure to share your experience at the comments, and if you have any problems installing the upgrade, don' hesitate to ask. Thanks!


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