KakaoTalk Finally Released in Philippines

KakaoTalk Philippines Sarah
KakaoTalk has finally set foot in the Philippines. This new mobile app will create a new level of competition. Prior to the release of KakaoTalk, Philippines was introduced with Line and WeChat app. Is this just another version of Line or WeChat? Well, on their line of services, we can say that they are almost the same, but in terms of feature? No. Since KakaoTalk is new to us, the company's goal (Kakao Corporation) is to tell us what KakaoTalk is all about, to target our needs in terms of communication, entertainment, and benefits. The mobile messaging app will include a group voice calls supporting five participants at the same time, single and group instant messaging, and the well known stickers.

Slowly but surely, KakaoTalk has evolved into a multi platform mobile app, from instant messaging to digital content, games, business marketing, and fashion.

KakaoTalk Unique Features

  • Free call and conference call (up to 5 people) named VoiceTalk.
  • Photo, video and contact information sharing
  • ‪All data encrypted ‬
  • Support for 12 languages
  • K-pop & Local Star Friends (Plus Friends)
  • Walkie-talkie
  • First ISO 27001 certified mobile messenger.
  • User's own KakaoTalk theme (iPhone and Android Themes)
  • No banner ads
  • Game platform
KakaoTalk App Compatibility and Availability
KakaoTalk App Compatibility

KakaoTalk is currently available in 230 countries including Philippines, supporting 13 different languages. KakaoTalk is set to be compatible on the following Operating Systems (OS)
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows (Mobile)
  • Bada
  • PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)
If you manage to download and experience KakaoTalk, kindly share it with us. Thanks!

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