Kingmax Unveils Waterproof, Dustproof COB USB Flash Drive

Kingmax waterproof usb
Electronic gadgets nowadays are following the trends in Smartphone industry, by making it more compact, lighter, smaller, and the waterproof technology. Since someone should be the first, KINGMAX reveals its COB waterproof USB flash drive, so that extra protection on important files are left protected in any uncertain event may arise. Another plus factor of this USB drive is the dust proof feature, fast connection has also been enhanced to accommodate simultaneous file transfer on PC or MAC. The device will  have its maximum read and write up to 85mpbs and 22mbps respectively. More details below.

The UI-06 is available on 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb. Build not only for its performance, but also for fashion and portability, the sleek build is small enough not to be noticed while plug on a USB slot (just don't stare at it too long :P). Measuring 21(L) x 14.5(W) x 7(H) mm. Truly a quality build from KINGMAX.

The COB 2.0 Flash Drive
The USB 2.0 Flash Drive similar to 3.0, which features with PIP technology, the COB 2.0 weighs only 2.5 grams, which is almost weightless and doesn't bother on small pouches, maybe because its so small like a size of a keyboard and furnished with metallic-gloss like skin.

Price and Availability
We still have now word from Kingmax if when will be available, as well as the price of their new set of Compact, Dust proof, and water proof flash drive.

Any info about its price and availability here in PH is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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