LG Samsung Tags To Launch Homeboy 7 Inch Tablet in Korea

LG and Samsung
This news really intrigues me, LG and Samsung to team up? A real stand up among tablet brands, releasing Homeboy tablet in South Korea, Homeboy tablet is set to dominate the tablet industry. A alternative to Amazon's Kindle, the Homeboy 7 Inch Tablet is featured with TV function, covering wide array of local channels in Korea. A package deal tablet for entertainment. Listen to thousand of songs, play 3D games, watch movies, read eBooks. All this in just one tablet.

Homeboy 7 Inch
No much to brag about the tablet, but there is one thing that makes HOMEBOY a real Homeboy, as it can be used as home CCTV camera, so stay at home my boy. :P

Though, I doubt if this tablet will be released in the local market.

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