Root StarMobile Astra, Myphone A919, A898, A878, CM Titan

Root StarMobile myphone CM
Forget about the picture. As you know it would be quite bothersome to post each phone one by one, so I consolidated all the applicable phones in one rooting tutorial. Since they have similar processor (MT657 based chipsets). So what are we waiting for, lets root your Cherry mobile Titan, Myphone A919, Myphone, A898, Myphone A878, and StarMobile Astra. Other Android phone not listed may still be rooted, just make sure they are running on MT657 based chipsets.

Warning: Rooting your smartphone will void your warranty, a chance to brick your phone if not done correctly, the author and site is not responsible any damage might cause by following this guide. Root at your own risk. Brave enough? Let's proceed then.

How To Root StarMobile Astra, Myphone A919, A898, A878, and Cherry Mobile Titan

  • Windows PC (Running on Win7 is recommended)
  • Internet (For downloading files)
  • Important: Download Root with Restore by Bin4ry
  • Simple understanding and patience.

Driver Installation: Important! Install only one of the following drivers:

Offline installation
Online installation
  • Just plug your phone on USB slot, and the computer will do the rest.

Step by step procedure in Rooting Astra, A919, A898, A878, CM Titan
  2. Connect your smartphone to PC via USB slot.
  3. Unzip the file Root with Restore by Bin4ry.
  4. Launch/Run Runme.bat file.
  5. The rooting process will start, when prompted, choose 1 then ENTER Device Type - NORMAL.
  6. Take a cup of coffee, then your smartphone will ask you to restore, after that it will REBOOT.
  7. Don't touch anything yet, and let the process finish, you will see "successful" message.
  8. Congrats! You have now rooted your Myphone A919, Myphne A898, Myphone A878, StarMobile Astra, or Cherry Mobile Titan.

Still having problems in rooting? Your last resort is to RESET your phone to FACTORY SETTINGS. Then go to recovery mode by holding Volume up + Power button. Just take note that going back to factory settings will reset everything just like when you first got your phone and might lose the programs you installed, BACK Up of files is recommended.


  1. Be very careful. Those links contain some scary stuff. Lots of bundled software with the downloads. Changed my search engine. Home page. installed tool bars. I am one breathe short of saying VIRUS ALERT!

    1. Install only the necessary software, anyway this is a free version, what do you expect? Uninstall the software after rooting. :)


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