Send Me To Heaven Android App Review

Send Me To Heaven (SMTH) Game App Tips and Guide

An app that catch the interest of gamers, children, and adults. The rules are simple, throw your phone as high as you can. But mind this, that any damage after the fall will be your sole responsibility. Unless you have the guts to do this, then give it a try.

How To Play SMTH?
Its just as simple as throwing a stone, but those are stone, for this game you will use your Android phone.
  1. Download the game :
  2. Read the disclaimer carefully. Tap Agree.
  3. Throw your phone as high as you can.
  4. Don't cheat, wrong practice = wrong results!

  • See your results.
  • If you manage to get to top 10. Congrats!

Send Me To Heaven (SMTH) Game Tricks?
There are no tricks here, but a useful tip to avoid breakage, is to throw your phone vertically on with no strong wind, it is also advisable to have something soft (like foam) under you to avoid uncertain drops.

Yes, it's kind of idiotic. But if you really want to give it a try, here's the download link:

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