iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Leaked Images, Release Date?

Is This The Real iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C?

iPhone 5S
After a long hype of waiting for the release date of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, some trusted website has finally managed to leaked some pictures of the upcoming iPhone. The websites name was Tinhte, a Vietnamese website famed for their accuracy in giving information about Apple devices. Since there was no formal announcement of Apple, the information remains vague. It is rumored to be released this September 10, 2013.
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C has been told to be made of plastic, reducing the manufacturing cost, as Apple now strives to sell their gadgets at lowest price. But the big question is, will it have the same features as the iPhone 5S? As iPhone 5S will be the predecessor of iPhone 5, and I bet iPhone 5C will be a complete different story.
iPhone 5S iPhone 5C
As per the images shows, the body of both iPhone will will likely be similar. Will Apple take back the throne this time?

iPhone 5S 5C
5S iPhone 5C
One of the major drawback of iPhone is the phone screen, consumer suggested that they should release Phablet sized phones, but then again, Apple wants to make iPhone useable in one hand, building the phone for its purpose and target markets. Unless, you like slapping your face with a door every time someone calls. :P

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