Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB & 64GB $100 Price Cut Sale!

Microsoft $100 Price Cut Sale

Great news! To those tech-gadgets addicts, the Microsoft is announcing that they will cut the price of the latest Surface Pro tablets, both the 128GB and 64GB versions into $100. 
The original price of Surface Pro 128GB is $999, while the Surface Pro 64GB is worth $899.
This is the way of Microsoft in improving their sales. But it's only limited and run until August 29 in selected countries such as U.S., Canada, Taiwan and HongKong.
So, because of the price cut, the Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB model will be sold in price of $899 (that's $100 cut) and the Microsoft Surface Pro 64Gb model will be sold into $799. Don't worry, because it includes the Touch Cover Detachable keyboard.

The Surface Pro (128GB) runs by full version of Microsoft Windows 8 and Intel Core i5 on its processor. Touch Screen type and 10.6 inches display size with resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. As for its interfaces, there's Mini Display Port, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth available.
This is good for gaming and graded 8 for overall performance.

The Surface Pro (64GB) is also similar with the above Surface Pro only its internal memory / Storage in bit lower and only 64GB.  Their display is almost the same 1920 X 1080 pixels and any other features.

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