SUN Postpaid Plan 99: SUN Budget Plan 99

Sun Cellular Philippines - Revealed the new postpaid plan for only Php99 per month, an affordable plan for daily communication needs. The 99 pesos amount is fully consumable, which can be used in all SUN Cellular offers. A great offer for the budget aware, and people who only uses call and text from time to time.
Why budget? By using simple math 99/30 which will only equals to 3.3 pesos per day.
SUN Postpaid Plan 99

SUN Postpaid Plan 99
  • Free 50 SMS to all networks
  • Full consumable amount of Php99
  • No lock-in period (Unsubscribe anytime)

How To Subscribe for SUN Budget Plan 99?
  1. Bring a valid ID to any SUN Cellular branch
Note: The plan is SIM only, which means it doesn't come with a free phone.

SUN Budget Plan Additional Perks
  • 1 SMS (Text message) = 10 cents only
  • 1 minute call = Php3.00

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