How to Give-a-Load in Sun Cellular?

how to share-a-load in sun

Share Load with You Family and Friends Using Sun Cellular's Give-a-Load
Just like any other network, you can also share your load to your family and friends.

The minimum load that you can share with friends is P10.00 and as for its maximum, you can share up to P50.00.

Just follow the following guide below to successfully share some load to your friends.

To share Regular Load, just simply:
Text the amount you want to share <space> 11-sun-digits phone number and send to 2292 
This is how it looks:
10 09223456789     Send to  2292

You can also share some Special Load, just simply:
Text <Special Code> <space> <11-sun-digits phone number> Send to 2292
This is how it looks:
CTC10 09225678901    Send to   2292

Here is the list of some Special Load you can Use:
  • TU20 or TU50 - Text Unlimited
  • CTU25 - Call and Text Unlimited
  • WIN10 - Winner Txt 10
  • BGT5 or BGT20 - Budgetxt
  • CTC10 , CTC20 , CTC30 - Call and Text Unlimited Combo
  • IM20 - iMessenger
  • SBW50
  • SBW100

You have the guide and codes, try it now.

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