Sun Unlimited Text Promo Codes

 Sun Cellular 24/7 Unlimited Text Promo Codes 

Guys, register for 1 day Unlimited Text on Sun Cellular. You can send unlimited text messages 1 day or even in 1 week!

Just choose from the promos below and follow the guide to avail the promo.
Sun Cellular 1 day Unlimited Text is low as P10.00. 

For Unlimited Text for 1-day or called the WinnerText10, just simply:

Type      WIN10      Send to 247

That'll be 1-day unlimited text Sun-to-Sun plus 5-minutes call also on Sun Friends

For Unlimited Text 2-days or called Text Unlimited P20, just simply:
Type      TU20        Send to 247
You are now registered to 2-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Text plus 20-minutes bonus call to Sun friends

As for Unlimited Text P50, Unlimited Text for 1-week just simply:
Type     TU50        Send to 247
7-days or 1-week Unlimited Text to Sun friends plus the 1-hour free call to them.

If you want Unlimited Text for 1-month, try this Unlimited TextP150:
Type    TU150      Send to 247
Enjoy 30-days or 1-month Unlimited Text with friends plus the bonus 4-hours call, good for 1-month also

Also, there is Unlimited Text for 1-month, the Unlimited P200:
Type    TU200       Send to 247
Unlike the other UnlimitedP150, UnlimitedP200 has 30-days unlimited text and 4hours bonus call to Sun friends, it has also 500 Free Texts to Other Network.

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