Globe Super Sakto Call Promo, Cheapest Call Rate

Globe super sakto call offer is the cheapest call rate offer from Globe, in fact is this is the most affordable call rate with all Philippine telecommunication network combine. The call rate can be applied to both TM and Globe subscribers, since there are no registration needed, the promo might come in handy and all you have to do is remember the three numbers to start availing the promo.
Globe super sakto call

To call using Globe Sakto Promo:

Just replace the 0 in the beginning of 11 digit numbers with 232. Example 09170000001 change the first 0 to 232, or 2329170000001 to start calling.
Validity: N/A
Amount: P0.15 per second call

There is no time limit, you can use the promo code as long as you like, provided you have:
  • Php7.50 load for Globe prepaid users.
  • and no minimum requirement on postpaid users, consumed calls will reflect on next bill cycle.
  • The call promo can be use only to Globe and TM subscribers.

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