Globe Tattoo Internet Promo: MAXSURF100, MAXSURF170, MAXSURF500

New Globe internet promo, the MAXSURF. By registering on such promo, you can enjoy a certain amount of data connection, the MAXSURF 100 has 700 megabytes of consumable data connection. This promo is best suitable for social networks like Facebook, and Twitter, since they won't eat that much bandwidth. The bandwidth allocation can be used on any internet activity. You can also use the Tatto SIM on mobile phone for mobile internet, though the call function is disabled, best use for Globe Tattoo broadband.
Globe MAXSURF 100

Globe Tattoo MAXSURF Promo List:

  • MAXSURF100 700 MB 3 days Php100 Text MAXSURF100 to 8888
  • MAXSURF170 1,200 MB 5 days Php170 Text MAXSURF170 to 8888
  • MAXSURF500 3,500 MB 15 days Php500 Text MAXSURF500 to 8888

Sharable picture:
Globe MAXSURF Promo list

Benefits of Globe Tattoo MAXSURF:

Download 175 songs Publish and view 1,400 social media posts
View 2,380 web pages Stream 238 minutes of video
Send and receive 19,600 plain text emails
Send and receive 2,380 emails with document attachments.

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