Download Flappy Bird For Android, PC, and iOS Free

Since the deletion of Flappy Bird on Google Play and iTunes, users are still looking for that addicting game. Fortunately, I have downloaded it before it was removed by the owner for whatever reasons he may have. Anyway, this game is great, and lots of people are buying old gadgets installed with Flappy Bird just to play that game. Well, why spend more? This game is free in the first place, but of course with ads, but that doesn't really bothering while playing. To make my post short, I will share now the Flappy Bird Android app that works on most Android devices, PC (even low-end PC), and for your iPhone and iPad.

Flappy Bird for Android:

Flappy Bird for PC:

Flappy Bird for iOS (iPhone, iPad):

The links above are not my own upload (credits to the original uploader), I just found them on the net. If you own the links above, kindly contact me, I will remove it within 3 days, but first you must prove you own them. Anyways, this game is free, so lets share it for free. Enjoy guys!


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