Free Google Internet On Globe/TM/SMART/TNT

Just when you thought that free internet is impossible, Google has lauched the freezone for Globe, SMART, TM, and TNT. As long as your connected to the internet even without load (at least for Globe and TM) you can connect to the internet using the freezone search engine. And here's the best part, everything you see on the search results can be accessed for free like Facebook, Yahoo! and major sites.
Globe free google
  • Working internet connection or data connection
  • Prepaid SIM (Globe, TM, SMART, TNT, or even SUN)
  • Default browsers, Firefox for mobile, Google Chrome for mobile (Opera mini is not supported)
  • Smart phone or mobile phone
  • P0.00 load for Globe or TM
  • At least P2.00 for SMART/TNT
  • G+ account/Google Account
  1. First, open your data connection and be sure to have load below P4.00 otherwise it will be consumed as standard data connection.
  2. Then go to your browser and open this link or
  3. Search your favorite websites for free.
  • Some sites are not supported by the freezone, in that case Google will notify you first before proceeding to the site.
  • This is FREE DATA CHARGE. As long as the green bar displaying free page you won't be charged.
  • This freezone for Globe or TM is specifically for short questions like "how tall is mount Everest".
  • Only for mobile (desktop is not supported).


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