How to Hack PLDTMyDSL Wifi Using Android Phone

UPDATES are below!!!

This tutorial will show you on how to see PLDT Wifi password that is within the signal range. Basically we will install a software on your Android device, any Android version will do but for best result you should have at least Android OS 2.2 or later. Normally, PLDT modems have thier default passwords unchange (maybe they are too lazy or doesn't know how to change password.) while the default password always correspond to the device last five hex decimal on its MAC address. So the tool that we are going to use doesn't bypass the modem security but only view the MAC address.

  • Any Android phone
  • WiFi enabled Android device
  • Any PLDTMyDSL modem within your WIFI range
  1. Download the APK -
  2. Install it on your phone, if you can't install it go to settings and check "intall unsigned apps".
  3. Run the app and get the last five character of thier MAC address. Ex. 00:00:0X:XX:XX, the password would be PLDTMyDSLXXXXX must be all caps.
A few notes:
  • Once the password has been changed on the PLDT modem (prior to your hacking). Then you can't do anything about that. Hingin nalang nang maayos sa kanila! :P
  • Once you are connected to their WIFI you can now access the Modems web GUI and change the password and SSID, but I advise you leave it that way. In any case the user is Admin and pass is 1234 or 0123456789, you can access the GUI by going to this IP
  • This tutorial is for education purposes only. Wag gamitin sa masama!
Updated list of apps to hack PLDT WIFI: Can be also use to other WIFI just try!

AndroDumpper - connect to WPS enabled Wifi Routers that have the WPS vulnerability 
using some algorithms to connect to the Wifi.
(Ginagamit lang ito pag open yung WPS ng modem auto na yan click lang gagawin mo)

List of PINS para ma bruteforce yung WPS PIN
100 Pins:

500 Pins:

1000 Pins:

5000 Pins:

10000 Pins:

50000 Pins:

100000 Pins:

500000 Pins:

1000000 Pins:

5000000 Pins:

WIFI Warden - Parang AndroDumper din to piliin niyo lang yung may red na WPS.
  1. Check the brand of the router first. Then tap connect.
  2. Choose connect with WPS, then clculate WPS.
  3. Lastly just tap try all WPS default pins.
Download link:


  1. makitxt kunwari acess their ip ,put the default username and password look for the password

  2. pano ireverse? may gumamit nito sa wifi namin. ngayon ko lang pinalitan password, blocked na ba connection nila pag ganun?

    1. wag mo nag palitan maawa ka naman

  3. yo pde b ung concept n yan s globe wifi ? by aris galay ung akin pero legit sya pero d pde s mga Globe...

    1. Kapag pinalitan mo tapos kapag na off mo ulit babalik din yung password non

  4. yo dba pde ung concept n2 s globe wifi?

  5. too bad bro :) but its not for education anymore its for bad for sure :) we know how people think like shit :)

  6. Pde po ba ung pldt wifi blood security sa iphone

  7. to ensure your device security, enable mac filter

  8. take into consideration that this will be used by illminded people who cant afford to pay for their own internet connection..please take this post down..

    1. This is called awareness. Since you already know how to bypass the security might as well change the password right? But yeah, it shouldn't be abused.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. sir pagbinago po ung default pass ng gui anu kaya way para ma access ulit ung gui????

  11. How does it work? It requires to download a korean-somesortofshit app to see the password.Whats that?

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  13. where can I find their mac address?

  14. What would really be the password? PLDTWIFIXXXXX or PLDTMyDSLXXXXX?


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