Globe GoSurf: New Internet Promo For Prepaid & Postpaid

Great news for Globe subscribers, Globe has launched its new promo the codename GoSurf which is basically like Powersurf, in fact this is the replacement of Powersurf. Same as the previous promo, Gosurf lets you subscribe per MB (Megabytes) with additional perks such as a Spotify access with separate data allocation, and come to think of it they also improved the duration and MB bandwidth allocation compared to powersurf with the same price.

Thing you shouldn't do when subscribe to Go Surf.
  • Download huge files (movies, games, etc.)
  • Stream on Youtube and related sites.
  • Browse on desktop, laptop, netbook, etc. (Optional)
Note: Globe GoSurf promo is strictly for smartphone use only. Unless you have huge data subscription. Desktop size web pages consumes lots of data since desktop size pages has lots of components (big images, JavaScript, jquery, etc.)

Globe GoSurf for Postpaid Subscribers
globe gosurf postpaid codes
Its very simple to register, just follow the table above and your good to go, for example to register to GOSURF 30 just key in GOSURF (space 30) send to 8888.

Globe GoSurf for Prepaid Subscribers
Globe gosurf prepaid codes
Prepaid subscription is quite cheaper compared to postpaid, imagine for P10 only with 10MB and free 200MB spotify allocation. Just register using keyword GOSURF10 to 8888.

Note: Visit for more information about it. Generally, its a music site.

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