SMART Unli Internet Promo For 15/Day 299/Month

Today I will share a very cheap SMART internet promo. For as low as P15 only you can access any websites and download all you can, and guess what! This promo will not cap your bandwidth limit, which means you can stream and download ng walang sawa.
SMART unli net 15

Registration details:
  • NXB15 to 211 Unlimited Mobile Internet for 1 day
  • NXB80 to 211 Unlimited Mobile Internet 7 days
  • NXB160 to 211 Unlimited Mobile Internet 15 days
  • NXB299 to 211 Unlimited Mobile Internet 30 days
You can use this on any SMART SIM like polka, LTE, Green, Jump, etc. But please don't use this on Talk N Text SIM card because you can only browse on Opera Mini by doing that.

Working devices:
  • Any Android device
  • iPhone
  • Pocket WIFI (SMART or Unlocked)
  • USB Broadband
  • Symbian Phones
Note: Sometimes you can't access Facebook but there is a fix, you can try installing any proxy software or tunneling software which is compatible to your device. For Android you can use PSIPHON, OpenVPN. For PC you can use proxifier just Google it and you'll eventually find it. And the rest can be accessed without any problem.

This SMART unlimited internet promo is actually only for Nokia Express Browser phones, but due to bugs/glitch you can register it on any device/SIM.

Source: SMART Unli NET Php15 For 1 Day


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