New SUN Free Internet Trick 2014

You can call this a bug or whatever, but its actually let's you surf, download, play online games, and almost anything that requires internet connection. All we need is a SUN SIM, your smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows phone) and PC or MAC will do.
sun free internet 2014
Things We Need:
  • SUN Prepaid SIM
  • GPRS Activation: Text ACTIVATE and send to 2300
  • Your Device Duh!
How to Have Free Internet on SUN:
  1. First you must have ZERO load. If you have P5.00 and up kindly use it first.
  2. Second, create a new APN on your Android phone or Pocket PC or whatever device you have by navigating to settings>mobile network>access point. Some phones or modems may have different ways to access the APN, kindly know first the workaround of your device.
This is the APN that we will use:
APN: wap
Port, Proxy, etc. just leave it blank.
3. Third, we will set the network to connect only on WCDMA or 3G by navigating to settings>network mode, most device have similar path, just always use this WCDMA only.
4. Fourth, no SUN 3G signal in your area? No problem we can roam our SIM and use SMART 3G signal. To do that, navigate to settings again and TURN ON DATA ROAMING and mobile data as well.

Note: Always make sure you have a stable 3G connection, you can see that on your status bar with an arrow that is going up and down and with H+ or H symbol. No 3G no connection, sorry. :P

Use PSiPhon for Android/PC and uSurf for PC links below: OPTIONAL

At wag masyadong ipagkalat sa ibang forums at sites para hindi agad makatay. Gets? Kayo-kayo rin ang mawawalan.


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