How to Show Pictures On Globe Free FB

To show pictures on your Globe Free Facebook (also available for TM users) just simply follow the instructions below:

Method 1:
  • Text SURFALERT HOLD to 888 - Wait for confirmation
  • Text SURFALERT ON to 8888 - Wait for reply
  • Finally SURFALERT OFF to 8888
Then try to go online on Facebook. Just take note you must have 0 LOAD to do this. Didn't work? Try method 2.

Method 2:
  • Text SURFALERT ON (Do this 3 times and wait for confirmation)
  • Then text SURFALERT OFF to 8888
Again try to go online and see if you can load pictures. If it still doesn't work, try our last method.

Method 3:
  • Text SURFALERT ON to 8888 and immediately text SURFALERT OFF to 8888 (do not wait for confirmation.)
Hopefully, you can now see the pictures using free FB on Globe or TM.

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