Use All Skin On LOL For Free

As a casual player don't always have the cash to buy all skins but deep within, you want to try out LEGENDARY SKINS like Pulse Fire Ezreal. Worry not since we now have mods or modifier to change your skin while playing.
unlock all skins lol
Language can be change don't worry
  • League of Legends game
  • LOL account of course
  • Download this:
  • Only for SEA (South East Asia) for other regions check below.
  1. This is very self explanatory. First open the software then choose your LOL folder.
  2. Run LOL, look for your champion like in the picture above, activate and
  3. Play!
While this will change your champions skin, on the server side your champion will still look like the regular skin, but on the client side which is YOU everything will be different.

*If you are playing in regions: North America, South America, Korean, Russia, EUROPE, Brazil, Turkey, Oceania, Japan. Please download from our latest tool

There are still many modz that you can get around with the program. Just explore and you will eventually get used to it.

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