Globe Cheapest Text To All Networks For 1 Month

This trick will only cost P95.00 that's very cheap considering the promo is valid for 1 month. You can also add promo for 500 minutes call and 1GB data all for 1 month but a little costly.

  • P95.00 load
  • Globe SIM
Just TEXT ATXT80 to 8888
and GOTXT15 to 8888

3,000 text to all networks (Globe/TM/SMART/TNT/SUN)

Optional: You can also add GOCOMBOAHAF204 to 8888 for 30 days 500 minutes call to Globe/TM + 1GB data allowance also good for 1 month for P204.00

Definitely a cheap promo if your main concern is text to all networks. The add on promo is also quite good if you only use mobile internet from time to time. The 500 minutes call is also a great add on to the package.

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