How To Change PLDT MyDSL WiFi Password

By default PLDT WiFi routers are using a common string on their WiFi passwords. But at time goes on they are changing their ways some they make use of reverse hexdecimal other modems use last five digits of MAC address. If you are not familiar with those words, worry not I will make it as simple as possible.

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. PLDT MyDSL owners can also use this trick to protect their modems from hackers by changing your WiFi passwords. I will not be responsible for anything by following this guide.

  • Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) then type on address bar:
  • Log in using admin rights: admin/1234567890 or 987654321 for new routers
  • Go to WLAN or anything related.
  • Change your SSID this is the name of your WiFi usually PLDTMyDSL(last five digit of your MAC address).
  • Change your WiFi password and leave the rest if your not quite sure what that is.
It is recommended to do this when you first subscribe to PLDT or you kindly ask the PLDT installer to save you the trouble :) but then again it doesn't hut to know things. Protect your password, let those hackers pay for their internet connection.

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