UltraSurf Free Internet on Globe Working Again

Connect to the internet for using ultraSurf on Globe prepaid 3G/LTE sims. No need to touch the setting just click connect and your good to go.

  • Globe prepaid SIM (No load) / TM SIM (under observation)
  • UltraSurf latest version - Download here
  • Windows PC
  • Google Chrome
  1. Download the Usurf
  2. Connect to the internet. If the first try fails just connect and disconnect until you acquire the right IP address. Connected status will be like this below.
usurf globe internet
  1. Run Chrome browser and enjoy free internet. You can check my speed test below.
usurf speed test
To use Firefox browser you have to manually input the proxy by going to toos>options>advance>network>settings then under the manual proxy configuration input and port 9666 then check use this proxy for all protocol, hit save and connect.

Note: Torrent is blocked, downloading large files will sometimes result to SIM being blocked. Use with caution.

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