Software: Limit WIFI Speed of Devices Connected to Your Modem/Router

There was a time when you are gaming and suddenly the game lags because there may devices that connects to your network, may it be smartphone, another pc, or consoles you just want to limit their speeds so that you can play smoothly.

Well, the answer is here SELFISHNET, by the name itself, let's make our sisters Netflix streaming a little slow, make their YouTube go 240p, and feel the pain we are going through :)

Download this first:

  1. Disable your anti-virus first, don't worry the files are clean, this is just to make installing less problematic.
  2. Extract the files of SelfishNet.rar then go to SelfishNet v2>SelfishNet Win 7 & Up or  SelfishNet v2>SelfishNet Win XP 
  3. If there is a problem registering a driver just install the WinPcap on the Redist folder.
  4. Restart your PC, then run it as administrator.
  5. Select your gateway IP usually 192.168.XXX.XXX
  6. Click the discover button multiple times to view all MAC address, finally limit there speed whereas 0 in unlimited, the numbers are measured at kb/s.
  7. Click the lightning logo and your good to go.

Step by step screenshots

Note: No need for special hardware or anything, just this software and onboard lan will do the trick.

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